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The first A380 delivered to Emirates completes a 3-C Check, the largest maintenance check on any aircraft.

Watch the entire process captured on camera

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Fly onboard the A380.

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Curiosity and a sense of adventure led Amelia Earhart to recreate her namesake’s famous round-the-world flight. Hear why the cockpit is her favorite place to be every day.

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Тигроинг, Котэбоинг, Киса – этот борт уже получил от вас много смешных и милых имен. Сегодня хотим вам показать, как проходил процесс перевоплощения Boeing 747 в амурского тигра!

On June 22, 2015 the presentation of the joint project of the Amur Tiger Center and Transaero Airlines was held at Moscow Vnukovo airport. The project is aimed at drawing attention of the international and Russian community to the issues of environmental protection and conservation of rare and endangered species.

Within the project called “Tiger flight”, the Transaero’s Boeing 747-400 aircraft (accommodating 447 passengers) has acquired some features of a tiger. In accordance with the idea created and implemented at Transaero Airlines, the aircraft nose section was adorned with the unique image of the head of an Amur tiger. It is planned that the special tiger colouring scheme will be applied to some interiors of the aircraft’s passenger cabin later. The painting of the aircraft was sponsored by COALCO company.

The Amur tiger has been chosen to symbolize the project as these subspecies rank among the biggest living cats and the most endangered big cats in the world. According to the surveys of 2015, the population of Amur tigers in Russia has stabilized to reach 510-540 individuals, and started to  increase sustainably.

In the coming decade, the fate of Amur tigers and the wildlife in general will depend in significant part upon concerted actions by the international community. This is the reason why the joint project of the Amur Tiger Center and Transaero Airlines will be held under the motto: “Caring for tigers together”.

The airline’s experience allows to assume that flights of Transaero’s aircraft with the unique livery on the highly demanded routes will draw broad public interest in Russia and abroad and will give a new impetus to the debate on the issues of preserving and increasing the population of Amur tigers and other rare animals in Russia.

The joint project will also involve the information campaign. Thus, Transaero Airlines’ inflight magazine and the official communities of the airline on social networks will feature a special ‘Wildlife’ section. It will highlight the problems of the Amur tigers and other animals that make the unique character of the national wildlife. Passengers of ‘Tiger flight’ will have an opportunity to watch documentaries filmed by the Amur Tiger Center.

“One of the tasks that are being tackled by the Amur Tiger Center is to attract attention to the problems of conservation of Amur tigers and the threat that this big, but at the same time vulnerable, animal has to face. We are pleased to find at Transaero Airlines the like-minded people and friends caring about nature and aiming at promoting the image of ‘The owner of the Taiga (boreal forest)’. The “Tiger flight” project is a prime example of such a friendly partnership and support to good deeds by joint actions,” – said Andrei Smirnov, Director General of the Amur Tiger Center.

“We think that the airline’s participation in the joint project with the Amur Tiger Centre represents a consistent development in the Transaero’s CSR policies.  The careful conservation of wildlife is the task that no one should remain indifferent to. Only by combining efforts of people with the high sense of responsibility for the future of our planet, we can ensure a harmonious development of the present and future generations on the Earth “, – said Olga Pleshakova, CEO Transaero Airlines.

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Departing on a postioning flight from Manchester EGCC/MAN to London Gatwick EGKK/LGW.

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RA-82043 Antonov An-124 landing at Vancouver International Airport on April 28, 2015.

YouTube Preview Image Amazing slow motion video.

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