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YouTube Preview ImageTotal #SolarEclipse! And we watched it streaming through the stratosphere somewhere between Iceland and Northern Ireland on board LH 435 – be a part of it!

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Siberian scientists reached the mysterious giant hole on Yamal to explore it. Read more:…
Video courtesy: Andrey Naumenko, OGTRK “Yamal-Region”

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SpaceX Dragon V2 | Unveil Event

Hi Tech, incredible way of landing in land!

Hi Tech simplified cockpit, you must look at.

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The electric E-Fan training aircraft is a highly innovative technology experimental demonstrator based on an all-composite construction. Airbus Group and its partners are aiming to perform research and development to construct a series version of the E-Fan and propose an industrial plan for a production facility close to Bordeaux Airport

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The mexican airline Interjet will be the first in America to install the EGTS in its A320 fleet.

After an exceptionally busy few days for the three-member crew onboard the International Space Station, Wednesday provided an opportunity to share some of the beauty of our home planet from their orbital perspective. Photograph of Earth’s middle east region 11:00 GMT 15 May 2013.

Credit: NASA

Dr.-Fritz-Helmut-Hemmerich-Panstarrs-2_1362960467_lgClick on the image to view animation.

Taken by Dr. Fritz Helmut Hemmerich on March 10, 2013 @ Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain