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Curiosity and a sense of adventure led Amelia Earhart to recreate her namesake’s famous round-the-world flight. Hear why the cockpit is her favorite place to be every day.

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25 most DANGEROUS and STRANGEST AIRPORTS in the WORLD! Most amazing & crosswind landings collection!

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Cascade Aerospace Inc. announced that it has conducted the first test flight of a foreign military aircraft from its base in Abbotsford, British Columbia. This begins the completion phase of the Mexican Air Force C-130K Maintenance and Modernization program which began in 2014 and marks a significant milestone for the BC Aerospace Industry.

“Over the past year, engineering teams at Cascade Aerospace have designed and installed a complete upgrade to the cockpit avionic system including the integration of the advanced digital Rockwell Collins Flight 2 avionics suite to meet twenty-first century navigation and communication requirements, as well as digital fuel quantity indication and engine instrument display systems

This aircraft, one of two currently in Cascade’s hangar, has also had a new Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) installed and a Wing Availability and Sustainment Program conducted on it.

Operational and technical training for Mexican Air Force personnel was conducted at the company’s facility in Abbotsford, British Columbia using the onsite Rockwell Collins Flight2 procedural training simulator.

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Time lapse video captures the beauty and activity of operations at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Photography and editing by James Udall.

1 year ago, on September 18th 2013, the first Sukhoi Superjet 100 entered into service with the Mexican airline.
The SSJ100 aircraft is confirming outstanding results of performance.



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Aerial Cinematography Shots from MARK KLASSEN on Vimeo.

Shot on the Red Epic Dragon w/ Zeiss CP.2 Primes in California near Los Angeles over the Pacific Ocean from the back of the same B25 Bomber used in the movie Pearl Harbour.
Soundtrack: Jetstream by Lusine IcI

Vectorvision HD Demo Reel from Wolfe Air Aviation on Vimeo.

These shots were filmed in close formation with the Vectorvision camera system installed in the highly modified Wolfe Air LearJet 25. Cameras used are the Red Epic and Arriflex Alexa.
Wolfe Air Project Coordinator: Beth Miles
Camera Ship Flight Crew: Craig Hosking, Ace Beall, Kevin LaRosa II, Jeff Senour, Kevin LaRosa Sr, Stephen Forte
Camera Department: Doug Holgate, Roger Tonry, Scott Smith, James O’Hara, CJ Roy, Brian Lataille, David Weber
Edited by: Zak Marx / 3DF
Colorist: Arnold Ramm / 3DF

ENJJPT 14-07 Graduation Video from ENJJPT 14-07 on Vimeo.

Class 14-07 was given the unique opportunity to fly with GoPro cameras in the cockpit of Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training’s (ENJJPT) T-6A Texan II and T-38C Talon aircraft. The above video chronicles 55 weeks of undergraduate pilot training for 14-07, but is a tribute to all classes past, present, and future. This video or clips within may be used only with the express permission of its creator (may request via private message).
Music used with permission:
“Daybreak” by OVERWERK
Many thanks to:
80th FTW
459, 469, 89, 90, and 97th FTS
80th OSS
82nd TRW Public Affairs
DynCorp International
…and all our Instructor Pilots for their tremendous talent, skill, and most importantly: patience.
Extra help:
Lisa Engler, Graphic Assistance
Tyler Brown, Audio Assistance
Tony Lee Glenn, Graphic Assistance

Aero Glass from Aero Glass on Vimeo.

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