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Un Tupolev TU-204 de Red Wings Airlines se estrelló el 29 de Diciembre del 2012 al aterrizar en Vnukovo en un vuelo no comercial, el avión se salió de la pista y se estrelló en una autopista adyacente donde se partió y se incendió; lamentablemente 4 personas murieron .

Red Wings Airlines‘ (Moscow-Vnukovo) Tupolev Tu-204-100B RA-64047 (msn 1450743164047) crashed  (December 29) while landing at its home base of Vnukovo on a non-revenue flight. RA-64047 was being operated as ferry flight RWZ 9268. The jetliner ran off the end of the runway on landing, crashed into the side of the adjacent roadway (see video below), broke up and caught on fire killing at least four people of the eight on board according to this report by Global News.

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This video was taken in June the 5th in Torreón, Coah, México, the day of Venus transit across the Sun.

Crosswind and dust all over after the Venus sighting and filming the ERJ 145 landing.


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The sound of those engines are unique, it is loud and of high frequency because those engines are low-bypass turbofans.

This aircraft is in very good shape, NATO is the owner and the video was taken in a series of touch and go test for this aircraft.

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